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The Sounding Board is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1973 to present and preserve folk music in all its forms in the Greater Hartford area




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In March 2015, The Sounding Board began a video archive of some concerts.  Highlights from those recordings are presented here.  These videos are also available at our YouTube channel – Sounding Board Coffee House. Click here to subscribe. YouTube will send you notifications when new videos are posted. More video to come soon.

Hills, Herdman & Mangsen | November 14, 2015

 "Every Living Thing"  (Rod MacDonald)

 "Uncle Dave's Thanksgiving Grace"  (Lou & Peter Berryman)

 "Cold Winter Has Come"   (Traditional)

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio| January 28, 2017

 "Big Gray House"  (Davy Sturtevent)

 "Good Girl Blues"  (Heather Pierson)

 "You Don't Know Him The Way I Do"   (Heather Pierson)

A Tribute To Folk-Legacy Records | October 1, 2016

 "Mama Liza Jane" – The Johnson Girls  (Traditional, Arr. Johnson Grils)

 "Rolling Home" – Ed Trickett   (Traditional)

 "Living On The River" – Jerry Rasmussen   (Jerry Rasmussen)

 "Yarmouth Town" – Chris Koldewey   (Traditional)

Mike+Ruthy | March 21, 2015

 "My New York City"  (Lyrics: Woody Guthrie, Music: Mike Merenda, Ruth Unger)

 "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"  (Richard Thompson)

Mark Erelli | September 9, 2015

 "Thunder Road"  (Bruce Springsteen)

 "Hartfordtown"  (Mark Erelli)

Brother Sun | September 26, 2015

 "These Hands"  (Dave Gunning)

 "Love Is The Water"  (Pat Wictor)

Jez Lowe | October 31, 2015

 "Tether's End"  (Jez Lowe)

 "The Wrong Bus"  (Jez Lowe)

Lissa Schneckenberger & Bethany Waickman | February 20, 2016

 "Little Musgrove"  (Traditional)

 "Petronella"  (Traditional)

Atwater-Donnelly Quartet | March 5, 2016

 "Come and I Will Sing You"  (Traditional)

 "American Clog Dancing"  (Traditional)

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen | April 23, 2016

 "Holy Smoke"  (Doug Johnson)

Ed Trickett | November 4, 2017

 "River of the Big Canoe"  (Richard Dyer)

 "The Miner's Lullaby"  (Utah Phillips)

Two Ravens – Lui Collins and Max Cohen | February 24, 2019
A Sounding Board Too concert at Winding Trails

 "Shady Grove" (Traditional)

Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt | November 5, 2016

Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt | November 5, 2016

 "Ezekiel Saw The Wheel"  (Traditional)

 "Ezekiel Saw The Wheel"  (Traditional)

 "Nothing"  (Claudia Schmidt)

 "Nothing"  (Claudia Schmidt)

Lisa Bastoni | November 5, 2016
A Sounding Board Too concert at Winding Trails

 "Weightless"  (Lisa Bastoni)

 "She Persisted"  (Lisa Bastoni)

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